Monday, August 22, 2011

PsychiKK Strikes Again

To prove that I am psychic in weird ways seemingly only related to this blog, please allow the following into evidence:

I wrote back-to-back posts this past week.

"I am obsessed with makeup."

- Bitter KK, I'm not buying your makeup, Mary Kay

Are you ready for some heckling? 
Bitter Orange & Brown = Statler & Waldorf


(Yes, we really do need Mr. Lerner and company to build us a Bitter Balcony at the stadium. We're taking donations of the Browns' gross old used pants and implementing a sin tax to get it done.)

Tonight, I saw this...coming in Sept/Oct, which unites two of my favorite things. 





Is it just a coincidence that the most fabulously bitter Muppets of all are on the outer packaging?

Hey, did you know they speak French? Mais non!

I think I need to start playing the lottery. I really do. 

Then I can start paying for our balcony. 

Because I don't think stinky, turf-stained pants are a decent building material
and they probably don't have much cash value anyway.

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