Monday, December 30, 2013

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Browns Fans

It's hard enough being a parent.  But to be a parent AND a Browns fan?  That's an invitation to disaster.

Those of us who are moms and dads know we need to teach our kids to believe - that even though there are times in life when things go wrong, there is always hope. That if you keep on trying, at some point you will come out a winner and experience success.   That you should never say never.

But if you and your family root for the Browns season after season with nothing to show for it and no progress in have to wonder just what your kids are learning during football season.

We all love to have our kids support the same sports teams as we do, giving us common ground and plenty of bonding opportunities.  We cheer together when things are going well and scream together when it all goes wrong.  When it goes wrong, there's always next season - right???

Browns parents don't get the chance to teach their kids about winning with class, because there's never any winning going on.  It's always about losing gracefully and waiting until next season.  But when the same pattern emerges year after year, our kids are going to have learned only one thing:


They're going to wonder why we keep watching when the team gives us nothing decent to watch.  Why we torture ourselves with thoughts of a winning season.  And why we don't turn off the TV once we discover that all we do is yell at it.

My son barely watches the Browns anymore, because he's discovered more productive ways to spend his time.  Truthfully, even if he sat in a room and stared at the floor he'd be better off than he would be looking at the orange and brown mess on the TV screen.  I'm starting to think I'd rather stare at the wall myself.

There are still plenty of ways to teach kids about hope and success - too bad the Browns are not one of them. 

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to find some excitement after today's game.  I'm off to watch paint dry!

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  1. Ha! I was just having this conversation with my husband about our toddler daughter. I abandoned football years ago, though I grew up in a house consumed by it. My Dad is still a diehard Browns' fan & so is my husband. While he was teaching our daughter, "Touchdown Browns!" I was whispering in her ear, "They will only break your heart." I guess we'll see which way she decides to go.

    Here's to next year!